Apply for the Training

This is a serious decision. At the same time it is a most glorious choice.

It is by the mercy of God and through the work of the Holy Spirit that you could consecrate yourself to be a full-time trainee, choosing to give all your time to the pursuit of the truth and the service of the church. This is a serious decision. At the same time it is a most glorious choice.

Application Forms

You may download the general outline, application documents and specific instructions for the 66th term application here.

Application Schedules and Deadlines

Please take note of the following dates regarding the application process for the 66th term:

May 30, 2019. is the deadline for the Application Form (AF), the Applicant Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) and Medical Questionnaire(MQ) to be submitted to the Registration office of FTT-Malabon or send an email to

The training applicant must write a Personal Consecration Letter to be submitted together with the application documents.

June 15, 2019. Elder’s Recommendation using the prescribed form must also be submitted.

June 30, 2019 is the deadline for the results for CBC, urinalysis and chest x-ray. The results must be taken by a registered medical laboratory. CBC and urinalysis must not have been taken before June 2018, while chest x-ray must not have been taken before August 2018. The training will require continuing trainees to have chest x-ray taken every term, CBC and urinalysis after one year.

July 22, 2019. Closing of Application. No new application will be accepted after this date.

August 04, 2019; 1PM is the last day for registration and check in of incoming FT1. Upon Check-in bring the following:Chest X-ray result, Application training fees(No registration fee upon check-in, no admission), any photocopy of Diploma, Transcript of Records, or other similar school record.

Applicants from Abroad

Applicants from abroad must also submit on or before June 30, 2019 the following requirements, as applicable:

a. Applicants from countries with an FTT center must submit a letter of recommendation and approval from the FTT center stating that they are allowed and qualified to join the FTT-Malabon.

b. Applicants who have joined the full-time training from other FTT centers must also secure a letter of recommendation from the previous FTT center attended, including a concise evaluation of the applicant’s performance in the training, as well as a list of classes taken.

c. Any acceptable proof of English proficiency. (Applicants will also be contacted to undergo a language interview during the application review process)

  •    For inquiries and clarifications, please contact us at telephone numbers(02) 288 9231, (02) 287-2225, (02) 447-7515; you may also send an email to; or you may visit our website at

Other important concerns

Admission pending applicant evaluation

The training reserves the right to accept or deny admission of trainees based on the evaluation of the training brothers concerning an applicant.

Personal preparation of the applicant’s tripartite being

Please make sure that you are spiritually, psychologically and physically fit to join the training. Several trainees who were very willing to join the training were eventually denied admission because of overlooked medical conditions that could have been remedied had there been a thorough check while preparing for the training.

Transportation from the airport to Malabon

There is no guarantee of transportation arrangements from the airport to the training center. Please fellowship ahead of time so that alternative arrangements can be prepared.

Qualifications and Requirements

A bachelor’s degree is required for admission to the Full-time Training. The training is conducted in English; it is therefore necessary for trainees to have sufficient knowledge to understand, speak and write in the English language for them to benefit from the training.

Those who do not qualify for the Full-time Training may join the 6-month Nazarite Training or the Perfecting Training in Ozamiz. For saints over 40 years of age, we highly recommend that you consider joining the Middle-Age Training which may be more suited to meet your needs and condition.

General Qualifications

  • Already saved and baptized
  • Absolute for Christ and the church
  • Having a desire to learn and willing to obey and be trained
  • Physically and psychologically fit
  • No criminal records or history of using prohibited drugs
  • No vices of smoking, gambling or drinking for at least 5 years

Full-time Trainee

  • Regularly attending church meetings
  • Single, between 20 and 40 years of age
  • College or university graduate with at least a Bachelor’s degree (4-year course degree)
  • Can read, write and speak in the English language

Starting 66th term (August 2019), applicants should have finished reading the entire Bible(Old and New Testaments, text only) at least once.

Nazarite Trainee

  • At least 18 and 40 years of age, single or married
  • Hish school graduate
  • Able to read, write and converse in Filipino or English

Applicants for the Regular Intake Schedule

  1. Download these application documents. Read carefully and follow the instructions on how to fill them out.
  2. Fellowship with the elders in your local church concerning your desire to join the training and have them fill out the Elder’s Recommendation Form which is also included in your downloaded documents.
  3. Observe the deadlines for the submission of your application documents. As soon as they are ready, you may send them to training center by courier or email, as detailed in the instruction page of your downloaded documents.
  4. For the purpose of medical assessment, applicants are required to submit laboratory test results for CBC, urinalysis and chest x-ray taken by a registered medical laboratory. CBC and urinalysis must not have been taken 3 months before check-in, whiles chest x-ray must not have been taken 6 months before check-in together with the application documents.
  5. Applicants with medical condition or history that needs medical clearance from a physician must also submit the appropriate medical clearance certification. Please comply with the medical requirements promptly. Do not wait for the check-in date to comply with these requirements. Applicant trainees who are assessed as physically unfit for training will not be admitted.
  6. We strongly suggest applicant trainees who will need to travel by air or sea, including applicants from abroad, to complete their paperwork early so that preliminary assessment, follow-up and admission notifications can be provided with ample time to prepare your travel bookings.
  7. Prepare yourself and the things you need to bring to the training.

Short-term and Guest Applicants

  1. The Full-time Training in Malabon is open for short-term and guest trainees from abroad who cannot enter during the regular intake schedule. Philippine nationals and residents will only be admitted for regular intake. Such trainees who grab the opportunity to experience the training for a short period of time cannot be certified for completion of the Full-time Training.
  2. As soon as you have decided to join as guest for a short time, inform the registration department of the training immediately concerning your intention. You may do this by sending an email.
  3. Please download the same application documents and fill out the forms. In the Application Form, indicate your application type as “Guest trainee” and give the dates of the start and end of your stay.
  4. Submit your application forms as early as possible. If possible, give at least one month allowance before your planned check-in to give enough time to review your application and to arrange for your arrival.
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