Calendar of Activities

63rd Term Activities

Date Activities
o2/01/18 Check in of regular trainees (6pm)
o2/05/18 63rd term of FTTMa-check in of new trainees
o2/19-23/18 Video Training/ Co-worker’s Meeting
o6/08/18 End of Classes
06/11/18 Start of Propagation
06/17/18 End of propagation
07/18/18 General Cleaning
07/19/18 Reporting
07/20/18 Post Training
07/21/18 Co-worker’s Meeting
07/22/18 Culminating Meeting

64th Term Activities

Date Activities
08/01/18 Check in of In charge (6pm)
08/02/18 Check in of regular trainees (6pm)
08/05/18 Check in of new trainees (Start of 64th term)
12/07/18 End of Classes
12/10/18 Start of Propagation
01/15/19 End of Propagation
01/16/19 General Cleaning
01/17/19 Reporting
01/18/19 Post Training
01/19/19 Co workers’ Meeting
01/20/19 Culminating Meeting