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Download 72nd Term Advisory & Application Documents

Advisory, guidelines and forms are available for download using the link below.

Dates and deadlines

Start of Sessions: August 1, 2022

Summary of requirements and deadlines:

June 15, 2022Application Form (AF)
Assessment Questionnaire (AQ)
Personal consecration letter
Medical Questionnaire (MQ1, MQ2)
June 30, 2022Elder’s Recommendation (ER)
Other applicable recommendation letters
July 15, 2022Closing of submissions

General Qualifications

  1. Already saved, baptized, and regularly attending church meetings in the past one year.
  2. Single, between 20 and 40 years of age.
  3. College or university graduate with a bachelor’s degree (4-year course or equivalent).
  4. Should have finished reading the entire Bible (text) at least once. This is a strict requirements.
  5. Can read, write and speak in the English language.
  6. Absolute for Christ and the church.
  7. Having a desire to learn and willing to obey and be trained.
  8. Physically and psychologically fit.
  9. No criminal records and no history of drug abuse or addiction in the last two years.
  10. No vices of smoking, gambling or drinking for at least one year.

Requirements for applicants from abroad

From countries with a Full-time training Center

Applicants from countries with an FTT center must submit a letter of recommendation and approval from that FTT center stating that they are allowed and qualified to join FTT-Malabon.

Previously joined another Full-time Training

Applicants who have joined the full-time training from other FTT centers must also secure a letter of commendation from the previous FTT center attended, including a concise evaluation of the applicant’s performance in the training, as well as a list of classes taken.

From non-English-speaking countries

Applicants from non-English-speaking countries must demonstrate ability to read, write and speak in English with a certain degree of proficiency. Applicants must be available to undergo a language interview during the application review process, and must provide contact information for this purpose.

Specific guidelines for the 70th term which will be conducted online is included with the downloadable forms.

General Guidelines for Applicants

  1. All training applicants are expected to have had substantial fellowship with the elders of their locality concerning their desire to join the training. The sending local church bears the joint responsibility together with the training for the effective work of the Lord on the trainee.
  2. Fill out all the application forms completely and accurately. They must be sent to FTTMa before the specified deadlines.
  3. The training applicant must write a signed personal consecration letter. This must be legibly written in English on a sheet of bond paper, at least 500 words in length and not exceeding only one page. This must be submitted together with the application forms before deadline.
  4. All training applicants must be recommended by the elders of the church. Applicants should fellowship with the elders of his/her sending church for this matter. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the elders with a copy of the accomplished/submitted application forms for them to review.
  5. The applicant must undergo laboratory tests for CBC, urinalysis and chest x-ray taken by a registered medical laboratory. Follow the recommended dates for when these tests should be taken (as stated in the advisory). The results must be submitted before the deadline. The x-ray film/image must be brought by the trainee during check-in for the final medical assessment. If any of the laboratory results indicate any illness or abnormality, the applicant must be checked by a physician, complete the necessary medication before check-in, and submit a medical clearance upon check-in.
  6. Late and insufficient application submissions will not be prioritized for admission slots. Take note that there is a limit on the number of available admission slots, and there is a specified cut-off time for receiving applications. Walk-in applicants are not allowed.
  7. Applicants will receive communication by phone or email as soon as their application forms are processed by the training office. If you do not receive any communication one week after the deadline, please contact the training center for confirmation and follow up
  8. Qualified applicants who cannot check in on time because of necessary important matters must send a letter of explanation/request for reconsideration written and signed by the applicant, noted by the elders, and submitted together with the application requirements. The training center reserves the right to approve late check-ins and does not guarantee the admission of latecomers.
  9. Pre-registered applicants who do not arrive on the check-in date without advanced notice of late check-in will forfeit their slot in favor of other wait-listed applicants. Their admission will not be guaranteed.
  10. Applicants should keep in touch with the training center to be updated on their application status.

Guide for Elders and Serving Ones

  1. We strongly request the elders, co-workers and serving ones to give specific attention in reviewing the qualifications and preparedness of their training applicants. The elders in the churches are responsible for screening their applicants so that they meet the training requirements and be guided in their preparation.
  2. You may request from FTT-Malabon Office the Guidelines for Interviewing Full-time Training Applicants. Please take time to read this material and use this as a guide for answering the questions in the Elder’s Recommendation form.
  3. Elders must fill-out and sign the Elders’ Recommendation form included with the application forms. This must be submitted before a specified deadline.
  4. If a training applicant is in a relationship with the opposite sex, please indicate this information on the Elder’s Recommendation form, and supply the relevant information concerning this matter. This is a serious matter in the training. (Please refer to item 7 on the consecration agreement.)
  5. Please make sure that the applicant has no serious illnesses, contagious diseases or physical handicaps that may temporarily or permanently disqualify his/her admission to the training.
  6. Inform the training center of any history of mental illness, nervous breakdown, serious emotional instability or any other psychological problem that may need special attention during the training.
  7. During the application review period, trainers or serving ones may contact the applicant, the shepherd and/or elders for further fellowship and clarification. Please fill out the necessary contact information asked in the application forms.